Learn How the Cash
on Web Virtual
Payment Card Works

You can use our Virtual Payment Cards to shop at retailers from anywhere in the world
using Cash on Web. Or you can have us help you shop and pay online!

How It Works

Step one image on how the Cash on Web works. Applying is the first step.

Create account

Applying for Cash on Web is easy. To set up your virtual account, we need to know some personal details such as your name, home address, and date of birth.

You can create an account here.

Load Your Cash on Web Account

Load your Cash on Web Account and pay the one-time activation fee to get started. Our Cash On Web Payment Cards will be available for use once the first account load clears. There are two ways to load your account:

1. Pay with cash or debit card at Pagadero
You can load your card at Pagadero at Pablo Frederik Gas station

2. Send a wire transfer
To be able to send a wire transfer, your account should meet all KYC requirements and be approved. You can then send us an email with your proof of transfer, a picture of your ID, and a selfie with your ID.  If you wish to do a wire transfer, please transfer it to:
Bank: Vidanova Bank
Account: 3001201009
Beneficiary: Relevium Virtual Services B.V.
Address: Kaya Kooyman 16

Step two money image on how the Cash on Web works. Load your Cash on Web Account is the second step.
Step three card image on how the Cash on Web works, is create your cards with the virtual payment cards.

Choose your preferred way to pay online

Cash on Web offers two ways to pay online to make it safer for you. Read about the merchant specific card and the one-time use card and see which card is better for you. Each member will have access to merchants specific and one-time use cards

Merchant Specific Cards

Create a unique card number for a specific merchant.

Ideal for subscriptions and reoccurring purchases.

Ensure that only one merchant will be-able to charge your card for products and services.

One-Time Use Card

A Virtual Payment Card that changes card numbers after every transaction.

The Most Secure way to Shop Online (Card numbers becomes invalid after a single purchase).

Peace of mind that your card will only be charged when you authorize it.

When you create an account, you will be provided with a billing address


Now comes the fun part: Shopping!
There are two ways you can shop online.

1. We do it for you
We will take all the stress off your back! You can visit us at Pagadero and we will order your desired products for you or subscribe to your desired service. If you want to order something online, we will take care of shipping your products and we will let you know once you can pick it. It’s that easy!

2. You do it yourself
You can order your products yourself and ship it with your preferred courier. You can ship it to any address you desire.

Step four shopping bag image on how the Cash on Web works is spending.
Step five is the last step on how the Cash on Web works is reloading your balance.


When you run out of funds, it is time to load to your Cash on Web. You can set a minimum balance reminder in your account. That way shopping for your most favorite things is just a click away. Happy Shopping!

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Laptop displaying the work of Cash on Web o the amazon website.

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