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We will help you shop anything online. From paying online to taking care of your packages, we are your best friend!

Accepted by almost
every web store

With Cash on Web all U.S. stores are at your finger tips! We help you shop your favorite brands and have them delivered to you!

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You get your own Cash on Web Account that will serve as your wallet. We will help you load your account, or you can learn how to load it here

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Your own virtual
payment cards

No credit card? No problem! Our Virtual Payment Cards makes online shopping available to all.

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We will help you subscribe to services such as Spotify and Apple
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Clear and Simple Pricing with No Surprises

Lifetime Membership Fee


Platform Fees Fee Frequency
Setup Fee USD 5.00 One Time
Monthly Account Fee USD 2.00 Monthly
Load 2.00 % Per Load
Decline USD 1.00 Per Decline
Transactions USD 0.50 Per Transaction
Requirements Loading amounts
Digital registration – No ID Min USD 20 / Max USD 500
ID and proof of address Min USD 500 / Max USD 1,000.00

Membership benefits

The one time membership fee to obtain a reloadable US Unlocked Virtual account comes with many valuable benefits. Once approved to receive a reloadable virtual Visa account you also have:

  • A financial instrument specifically tailored to your needs for making online payments in the U.S.
  • Unique access to U.S. goods and services and occasional exclusive US Unlocked only offers from U.S. merchants.
  • Someone to help you shop online
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Discover all the places where you can shop!

Shop all your favorites online stores in the U.S.


Clear and Simple Pricing with No Surprises

Can Cash on Web help me shop online?

Yes. You can stop by at our office at Pagadero Saliña and we will help you shop online or subscribe to an online service.

Can I ship my items to any address?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. You must use one of our certified freight forwarders and their shipping address to ship items outside of the US.

I received a notification that my card was issued. How do I access my card details?

To be able to view the card details you have to enter a SMS code. To obtain the code, please request it to be sent to your phone by clicking on the desired card in your dashboard.

Can I use this card to shop from websites outside the U.S.?

No. The Cash on Web virtual account is locked down to U.S. web sites.

Can I use the Cash on Web's virtual payment cards for subscriptions?

A subscription is a recurring payment. You can create a Cash on Web Merchant Specific Card for recurring payments, but you must make sure there are funds in your account to cover the transaction cost.

What stores will I NOT be able to shop at?

The Cash on Web Virtual Payment Cards are accepted on most websites where online payments are accepted. For the best results, please follow guidelines as described in Making Payments with the Cash on Web.

However, you will not be able to shop from websites that have specific policies prohibiting acceptance of re-shipping (or freight forwarding) addresses.

The Cash on Web Virtual Payment Cards may not be used to purchase items from merchants who specifically sell pharmaceuticals and weapons. You will also not be able to use the card for money transfer type transactions.

Is there a monthly fee?

Yes, the Monthly Cash on Web Account Fee is *$2.00* and is charged monthly. The first time when you load your Cash on Web Account issued and then every month after that as long as the account holds a balance. The fee is not charged when the account holds no balance.

The fee schedule can be viewed here: Fees

What documents do I need to produce in order to receive the ACCEPTED ID verification status?

You would need a government-issued photo ID that is machine-readable and has both an issue as an expiry date. Please make sure you provide a clear color image in JPG. The document must be valid (not expired).

The phone number in my account is incorrect, but I do not see a way to change it. What can I do?

Please contact and provide the following:

⦁ The old phone number you would like to replace
⦁ The phone number you would like to add to your account
⦁ The last 4 digits of the document you used to verify your identity on Cash on Web

After I apply and make the payment, how soon will you issue my card?

Your virtual card is ready for use when your first card load payment clears. To verify whether your account registration is complete, please log in and check for any alerts.

Is the Cash on Web Card a credit card?

No, it is a virtual pre-paid debit card. You can only spend as much as the balance on your card. When planning a purchase please make sure you load enough funds to cover the purchase as well as domestic shipping cost, sales tax and card fees. Some merchants may place a pre-authorization request for an amount higher than the actual purchasing cost. Therefore it is recommended to keep a buffer of about 10%.

How will I use the Cash on Web Virtual Payment Cards?

You use the virtual card accounts at websites just like you use any credit card except the amount of your purchase cannot exceed the available funds in your virtual account. You will find all the details needed to make your online payment in your account. We are always available to help you shop

What are the costs to the Cash on Web account?

A full fee schedule is available on our pricing page.

Is it an actual card?

It is a virtual card account, meaning you will not have the plastic in your hands. Instead you use the number, expiration date, security code, and billing address provided to you for online payments.

What are the Cash on Web virtual payment cards?

The Cash on Web Virtual Payment Cards are virtual prepaid debit cards that allow for cross-border commerce at most online retailers.

How does the Cash on Web Merchant specific virtual payment card work?

The Merchant Specific Virtual Payment Card is used where you will frequently be making repeat purchases. The card number is locked to a single merchant. This is ideal for paying subscriptions as well as making purchases places like Amazon, iTunes, and the Google Play Store.

How does the Cash on Web one-time use virtual payment card work?

The Cash on Web One-Time Use Virtual Payment Card generates a new card number after every online purchase. This ensures that you receive the highest level of security when shopping online.

If you are frequently shopping at the same merchant we recommend you use the Merchant Specific Card as it allows repeat purchases at a single merchant.

What’s the difference between a merchant specific card and a one-time use card?

Merchant Specific Cards:
⦁ Can be used as many times as you’d like with the same merchant.
⦁ Locked to the first merchant they’re authorized with, but cannot be used with any other merchant. This ensures that a breach at one merchant doesn’t put you at risk across the internet.

Merchant Specific Cards are great for:
⦁ Subscriptions
⦁ Recurring purchases
⦁ Merchants you spend at frequently
⦁ Backordered items
⦁ Orders for multiple items that ship incrementally
⦁ Pre-order sales

One-Time Use Card:
⦁ Automatically close 2 minutes after your first charge completes.
One-Time Use Cards are great for:
⦁ Merchants you don’t plan on shopping with again.
⦁ If you’re concerned about the security of a purchase.

I am trying to pay with my Cash on Web, but my card is declined. What should I do?

Some merchants you make a purchase from may have specific anti-fraud policies in place and accept or deny transaction at their own discretion or request additional information regarding the cardholder. In many cases, contacting the merchant of that particular website can resolve the issue.

The Cash on Web is nearly always accepted on U.S. websites where online payments are accepted. If you need assistance please email us at send us a what’s app message +5999 697 9803.

I need a statement for my card transactions. Where can I get it?

There are no statements available for the Cash on Web Card. To view your transaction history please go to Here you will find:

⦁ Confirmed transactions: history of posted (successful) transactions older than 24 hours.
⦁ Today’s transactions: real-time successful transactions.
⦁ Pending transactions: transactions in outstanding status, the funds are not available for use.

My order did not go through, but the amount was withdrawn from my card anyway. What is going on?

Some merchants place a hold on the purchasing amount even when the order is not successful while the bank had approved the authorization request.

The funds from transactions listed on there are not available until the authorization hold is released by the processor.

Please contact the merchant and ask them to reverse or refund the original authorization first and contact us if you need further assistance.

My account is locked and it says: contact Cash on Web. How can I unlock it?

When there are too many failed login attempts you are locked out for 30 minutes. If you forgot the password you can reset it here.

The virtual Chabot Suzy, who is always available to help.

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